Seventh Day -Shabbat

And we did just that, including a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. There were some optional tours, but to tell you the truth, Jerusalem is very hilly and I needed to rest. Rich did manage to take a nice long walk, got lost, and found his way back. I took a book to the lobby and read almost half of it. Rabbi Kligfeld led us in Havdalah, we all exchanged some thoughts and feelings and then welcomed a marvelous speaker. Professor Reuven Hazan spoke on  Israel today and the issues that concern the Israelis from an Israeli viewpoint. Prof. Hazan appears on CNN occassionally and was able to explain the electoral system they have here in Israel, I'm not one for political science, but I promise to pay more attention at the begining of next year whe Israel holds their elections. Afterwards, some of us went across the street for pizza and salads.
It seems the UJC missions department must have a thing for tunnels, because at 10:00 we departed for the Western Wall tunnels. They are an extention of the retaining wall that was built 2,000 years ago by Herod. Built to support the massive compound where the Temple stood, they are one of the city's most phenomenal sites. They provide a glimpse into the life of the people that lived there during that period. I am happy to say that aside from being hot and humid, nobody got stuck and nobody freaked out. Oh no - just one day left.


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