Second Day

Started out bright and early again, but this time we checked out of the Kibbutz Guest House and proceeded to Caesarea via Highway 6. Built by Herod, Caesarea was the Roman capital of Palestine for 600 years. We saw a short presentation depicting the way the harbor was constructed, its operation during its hey day and the process of its gradual demise. Left that region and traveled via Highway 6 to Arad. There we visited the JAFI (Jewish Agency For Israel) Youth Futures Center. We toured the absorption center that serves Ethiopian-Israelis. We met a family that has been in Israel for a year, learning Judaism and Hebrew. Eventually they will be relocated and found jobs and schools for the children. Also in Arad we had a delightful hour in a community center, working on a crafts project with children. We decoupaged little ceramic bells, and then exchanged with the kids, so we could both take something home. A group picture was taken and as soon as i get it via e-mail, I will post it.Left Arad for the Dead Sea and the Hod Hotel, where we checked in and collapsed.


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