5 2014


6 2014

Shabbaton at Temple Sinai

6:00PM - 3:00PM  

Temple Sinai 75 Highland Ave.
Middletown, NY

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Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Alan Mittleman, Professor of Jewish Thought, The Jewish Theological Seminary
Sponsored by Sandra and Joel Hofflich in memory of Joel’s parents, Etta and Ted Hofflich

He is the author of five books and his current project is a work entitled Human Nature and Jewish Thought.

Dr. Mittleman will speak about “What is Holiness.”  We use the word “holy” rather casually in religious settings, but what does it actually mean?  What does holiness refer to and how does it differ from goodness?  When we say that a person or place or time is holy, what can that mean?  Does it refer to something supernatural or something notable, special or precious?  Is holiness even real?  This talk will also look at selected texts from the Bible.  Dr. Mittleman will explain how holiness is compelling to modern, thoughtful people.

The talk on Saturday will be followed by a Kiddish luncheon sponsored by Suzanne and Jack Berkowitz, Josephine and Ed Bloomfield and Abbe and Joe Distelburger.

Visitors are welcome.