15 2013


16 2013

Scholar-In-Residence Weekend

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Monroe Temple 314 N Main St
Monroe, NY 10950

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A Scholar-In-Residence Weekend will be held at Monroe Temple Beth-El on March 15th and 16th, featuring noted Israeli journalist and TV personality, Gil Hoffman. Gil Hoffman is the chief political correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post. Well-connected to Israeli and Palestinian political leaders, Hoffman has interviewed Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, former prime ministers  Olmert, Sharon, Peres, and Barak, and every major figure across the Israeli political spectrum. Called "The most optimistic man in Israel" by Israel Television, Hoffman's frequent television appearances and popular column provide a behind the scenes look at the intrigue and humor in the Israeli political arena. Hoffman also frequently covers diplomatic issues, traveling with the prime minister and reporting on efforts to achieve Mideast peace and other key international developments. The topics that will be discussed will give an insiders look on the peace process, the recent Israeli elections, current "U.S.-Obama"-Israel relations, why Israel is winning the public relations battle, and why we should all be proud to be pro-Israel.  Most of the weekend, including a Kosher Kiddush Luncheon, is free.  A Glatt Kosher Shabbat Dinner on Friday is $10 pp. Shabbat Dinner starts at 6 PM on Friday, services and discussion  at 7:30 pm. The program on Saturday starts at 10 am and continues through Havdalah.   Call the Temple office for a more detailed schedule, for further information, and to make a reservation: 783-2626.