6 2019

Monday Afternoon at the Movies

1:00PM - 3:00PM  

Albert Wisner Public Library 1 McFarland Drive
Warwick, NY 10990
(845) 988-1047 x3

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“None Shall Escape”  released by Columbia Pictures in 1944 was the first movie to depict the Holocaust and show Nazi atrocities against the Jewish people. It happens in a fictional Polish village and it also shows how badly the Nazi’s treat the conquered Polish inhabitants. It also predicts the Nuremberg Trials

This movie has been in the archives and not seen for many years but  last spring it was shown at the Turner Classic Movie Festival , so most people have never seen this movie.

The movie of course is Free and Open to the Public.

LInda Dubin will be giving an introduction to the movie which she has chosen to show in commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Linda will  mention that it is being shown on May 6 because Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated  on May1, 2019