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Women Unchained-Director: Beverly Siegel
2011, USA, video, 56 minutes, English
When a Jewish marriage ends in divorce, Jewish tradition holds that the husband must give his wife a get. But with the Jewish divorce rate hovering around 30%, too many men are using the get as a means of manipulation and blackmail.  After Darryle Gillman spent over a year and a half struggling to get her daughter a proper Jewish divorce, she decided to go public with her ordeal to help other women avoid a similar fate. Gillman enlisted writer/director Beverly Siegel who teamed up with editor Leta Lenik to produce this riveting documentary about six women’s experiences. Featuring an array of experts, rabbis and even a strong-arm tactician, the film details the impact of get refusal on children, as well as on parents who must ransom their daughters out of a Jewish marriage that has broken down.  Narrated by Mayim Bialik with an original score by C Lanzbom of Soul Farm.