The Zachor Antisemitism Initiative

No cost quality education within our schools and our community!

*Recipient of the 2022 Monroe-Woodbury School District Community Connections Award

Our mission is to work to prevent antisemitism, specifically in Orange County.

Our primary goal is centered on quality and meaningful Holocaust and antisemitism education, in our schools and in our community. 

We have the resources!

We have worked with over 9 school districts in our county.

Here are a plethora of opportunities we offer:

  • Workshops on modern antisemitism for students and school faculty/staff
  • Annual Stop the Hate contest and symposium
  • Professional development for faculty and staff on antisemitism and the Holocaust
  • Through our partnership with the Holocaust Museum and Center for Education and Tolerance in Rockland County we can arrange for field trips, travel exhibits for your school, and guest speakers on a variety of topics centered on the Holocaust and antisemitism 
  • Arrange for survivors and liberators to share their experiences during the Shoah with students and faculty/staff
  • Consult with faculty and administration regarding the teaching of units connect to Jewish history, faith, and the Holocaust
  • Resources to school administrators and teachers about accommodations for students observing Jewish holidays and customs
  • Assistance to schools dealing with antisemitism and other types of hatred

Teacher Testimonies

  • The visualization exercise of "The Hiding" was really something the students were able to grasp and get an empathetic connection to what people experienced during this time in our history….I remembered our experience at the symposium made this connection with what others are experiencing today as well and how the emotions are not so different. I feel that my students took away a personal perspective of historic events and that is priceless. I am so glad our paths have crossed and I look forward to working with you again. -Kristen Carter (Monroe-Woodbury Middle School)
  • I wanted to follow up my students' comments with a proper thank you to the Jewish Federation for their generous gift which allowed my fifty-some 9th and 10th graders and 5 chaperones to not only tour the museum but also participate in the Moral Courage Workshop and question Alan Moskin (for over 45 minutes!).   The staff was impressed by how attentive and engaged the students were and I knew from their reactions that they were experiencing one of those rare educational moments that they will not soon forget.  -Virginia McCurdy (Newburgh Free Academy)

Let’s shine light over the darkness of hate

The Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County
292 North Street     Newburgh, NY  12550     845-562-7860

Building Understanding

Anti-Semitism and Kiryas Joel: Inaudy Esposito, Julie Golding, & Rabbi Rachel Rubenstein

Many Facets of Judaism

Panel aimed at illuminating the various denominations and facets of Judaism within Orange County.

Has Your Child Experienced A Bullying Or Antisemitic Incident At School?

1. First, speak to your child’s teacher or guidance counselor at the school as soon as possible.

2. If the matter is not satisfactorily explained or resolved in a timely manner, contact your school’s administrator (Assistant Principal or Principal)

3. Submit A “Bullying Report form” if your school district has one that is available.

At any time, please contact Judy Ronay, Director Zachor antisemitism Initiative, zachor@jewishorangeny.orgor Wendy Cedar, Executive Director,
for further guidance and assistance.

Guidance For School District Leaders When Finding Hate Symbols & Messages

Dear School Leaders,
Below, you will find a list of steps to take when finding any type of hateful graffiti, signs
or symbols in your school building or on school grounds. It is very important that you
document and report these occurrences.

1. Take photographs of the graffiti before removing
2. Document the place and time reported for your own records
3. Report to local law enforcement to document
Please review the Anti-Hate Crime Resource Guide
4. Sign-out sheets in classrooms for students leaving and entering classrooms have
been proved effective in keeping track of who is present or leaves the classroom.
Also a good resource for potential witnesses, etc.
5. Interview students and staff who may have had contact with the perpetrator or
knowledge of the incident or graffiti
6. Report antisemitic incidents to the Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County:
Wendy Cedar, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County, 845-562-7860
Judy Ronay, Director, Zachor Antisemitism Initiative
7. Provide educational programs to your community on antisemitism and other forms
of hate, and support Restorative Justice programs for perpetrators
Other potential contacts: Orange County Sheriff’s Department 845-291-4033
NYS Police Counter Terrorism Unit 1-866-SAFETY or 1-866-723-3697
Report incident to Anti-Defamation League

As always we are here to provide assistance. Please do not hesitate to reach out with
any questions or concerns

Make Your School A Safer, Welcoming Learning Environment

The Jewish Federation works year-round to promote mutually respectful school environments and to increase understanding of Jewish tradition, history and culture within school communities, both public and private. Encourage your school to:

1. Utilize the Jewish Federation 5 Year Jewish Holiday Calendar 2020-2025 to help in planning events and school assignments.

2. Invite a Holocaust survivor to speak to students

3. Encourage students to submit to our Stop Hate Competition and attend our Stop Hate Symposium.

4. Host an anti-bias training or teaching Holocaust workshop for your faculty and staff

5. Arrange a student field trip to the Holocaust Museum and Center for Tolerance and Education

6. Access the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) anti-bias tools & strategies, trainings and other teacher resources for the classroom.